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When you need temporary fences, you would not have to go through all the effort of having to put them into the ground when you need them. Sometimes, all you need is a fence that can easily be moved from one place to another for your convenience. There are many scenarios where we use temporary fences. They are used almost everyday and we may not always notice them. They can be sued for both indoor and outdoor settings.

In daily outdoor settings, temporary fences are seen and used ubiquitously in parking lots of malls, supermarkets, and many other places. They can be used to mark special parking spaces or to prevent vehicles from parking on spaces that are intended for deliveries or for persons with disability.

In daily indoor settings, temporary fences are very popularly seen in homes especially of those families with children. Baby gates are a special type of temporary fence that can easily be moved around inside the home. They are used to keep babies and toddlers from running into hazardous areas of the house like the kitchen or staircases. A related structure to the baby gate is the pet fence. 

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These are designed especially for dogs in most cases. They are also used for safety reasons.

Many events need temporary fences for many different purposes. Those that involve large gatherings of crowds use them for queuing or crowd control. This is evident in concerts, parties, parades, marathons, and sports events. A bike rack barricade is the type most often used for these situations.

For safety reasons, temporary fences are also used in construction areas. This is because of the need to properly mark the area where it is not safe for people to stay or cross. In the construction setting, the specific type of fence used is the construction hoarding.

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