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A concrete wall is very attractive and very ideal for almost all types of applications. They can give you tiptop security and privacy with no compromise for aesthetics. They also offer the additional advantage of being soundproof. However, with great advantages come a great price tag. Since it is packed with benefits, it is not something that can easily be afforded.

Thankfully, we have a suitable alternative for concrete walls now, and this is in the form of the SimTek fence. From an unassuming outsider, SimTek fences, also known as Sherwood fences or Allegheny fences do look like authentic concrete walls. In reality, they do not contain any cement or stone. Instead, they are made from polyethylene resin that has been mixed with steel reinforcements on the inside. Polyethylene is a synthetic polymer. It has been developed in the laboratories to achieve the properties ideal for a fence. Unlike many other fence types, SimTek fences are very easy to install.

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With SimTek fences, you can have the advantages of having a concrete wall while paying only for a portion of its price. You can have topnotch privacy and high-class security without shelling out too much. Moreover, the concrete stone wall look gives any type of property a classy and timeless appearance.

SimTek fences are tough and resistant to all types of adverse weather conditions. They are top-of-the-line when it comes to durability. Moreover, they can withstand impacts and collisions from vehicles without sustaining much damage. Indeed, they are very suitable alternatives t concrete wall in more ways than one.

In our experience, neutral colors are very popular for SimTek fences. Among the common preferred colors are brown, black, gray, granite, desert, and beige. These earth tones are flexible enough to match any type of property.

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