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Among all types of fences, chain link is one of the most common. We can see them everywhere and in all types of properties. They are appropriate for residential, commercial, industrial, and even agricultural settings. There are many reasons why chain link fences are very abundant and popular in the country. Some of these reasons include its cost-friendliness, versatility, simplicity, as well the ease of installation for this type of fence

If you need a fence but budget is tight, a chain link fence will be very appropriate. You can also modify the thickness of the wires that will be used for the fence. 

Thinner wires would be cheaper and thicker ones would be more expensive, but they are more durable and can last longer.

Chain link fences are also very versatile and customizable. Aside from the thickness of the wires, the colors can be modified by adding vinyl coating on the wires to be used. The typical appearance of chain link fence makes it appear like meshed diamond structures due to the interlinking of the wires. Therefore, it is open and unobstructed. This can be a problem for those who prioritize privacy above all else. 

Chain Link Installation Springfield

Thankfully, there is an alternative to this. There is an option to put slats into them to provide some more obstruction. Another option is allowing some vines to grow. This can provide not only privacy but also aesthetic benefits. Some of the vines that are commonly used for this purpose are ivy, morning glory, and hops.

Among the many types of fences, chain link is one of the easiest to install it would require the setting up of the posts, which can be made from wood, metal, or concrete. Then, the meshes of chain links would be stretched from post to post.

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