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During a time when many modernizations take place even in the fence industry, a classic option such as wood remains to be a great choice for many property owners. The timeless aesthetics of wood are unparalleled. Even if other newer materials are made to look like wood, they cannot completely replicate the genuineness of the natural material.

What a wooden fence, especially a cedar wood fence provides is a timeless, simple, yet sophisticated aesthetic. Cedar is the top of the line choice for fences because of its innate outstanding qualities. In terms of hardness, cedar is considered as one of the hardest which can make them appropriate for applications like fencing. This hardness is also what it makes it less prone to damages like splitting, breaking, splintering, and blistering.

Moreover, it contains natural resins and oils which make them resistant to natural damages, early decomposition, and even termite infestation.

Since cedar contains special oils that help them become more impervious to insect-induced damages, you would not have to use too much chemical like sealants in an effort to make them more resistant to damage. This decreases your exposure to potentially harmful chemicals.

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Another of the pros of having a cedar wood fence installed is the option of having it in a privacy type of configuration. If you want to keep prying eyes at bay, a tall enough privacy type cedar wood fence can give you premium level of privacy.

What you must keep in mind with having cedar wood fences installed is that they require more tedious maintenance processes compared with other fence material types. To make them last longer, certain measures should be regularly done. This includes repainting which should be done at least annually, and the periodic use of chemical treatment to protect the wood.

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