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Among the many products and services offered by the Springfield Fence Company, cages and enclosures are among those that have very varied practical uses and applications across many settings. In homes, offices, yards, factories, farms, schools, and many other places, both cages and enclosures are used in both indoor and outdoor settings. Among the many functions that they can serve depending on their specific configuration, storage uses remain their most popular function. The second most common purpose for cages and enclosures are for safety reasons.

The basic structure of cages and enclosures are the same. They are composed of interlocked wires, meshes, or bars of metals. This makes up the primary structure of the body of the cage or the enclosure. In many settings, the difference between cages and enclosures are not very clear-cut. However, it is worth noting that usually, cages are smaller than enclosures. On the other hand, enclosures are on the larger side.

Metals are commonly used for cages and enclosures to provide stability and durability. Some of the specific metals that can be used for this purpose are steel and aluminum. Usually there are gaps in between the meshes of these metals such that the spaces are open. Yet, the openings are small enough to prevent tampering of the materials that were kept inside. This open spaces also allow the evaporation of moisture and water. This prevents direct moisture-induced damages on the materials or equipment that are kept inside. What we recommend for better resistance to rusting even in outdoor settings is galvanized steel.

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The Springfield Fence Company offers cages and enclosures in the form of Tools and Equipment cages, Locker cages, Batting cages, and Safety enclosures. These can be delivered to you in modular form or in assembled forms.

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