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For your back stops needs anywhere around Springfield, Illinois, the Springfield Fence Company has you covered. We offer all types of fences and this includes the many types and various configurations of back stops. Back stops are tall fences that are particularly used in ballparks, baseball stadiums, and softball fields.

The main function of back stops in the setting of baseball and softball games is for the safety and protection mostly for the audience during the games. 

When the events of a game become intense and heated, the excitement may progress such that the baseball balls, bats, or even gloves could come flying around. In certain situations, they can even come hitting the people in the bleachers and stands. If these is a back stop in place, there will be an additional barrier between the playing field, where the balls and bats could come from, and the place where the audience stay.

If these paraphernalia from the games come flying to where the audience are, unintended injuries can take place. This can be very dire since people come to the games for their enjoyment and not expecting to be injured. 

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Therefore, it is rightful to put proper structures in place to make sure that any of these incidents would not happen. No baseball fan watching the games in peace should be injured during a game. It is important that the audience are assured that they would not get hurt while they are watching.

The Springfield Fence Company offers many types of backstops. The most common materials we use for this application is chain link and vinyl netting. Chain link is the more durable option while vinyl netting allows for better viewing since it is less obstructive. These are available in both straight and canopy configurations.

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