We are the Springfield Fence Company, your go-to local fencing company in Springfield for any fence installation jobs that you will have.

Springfield, Illinois is our home and for more than a quarter of a century, we have been building and installing fences for many property owners all over the place. We have come through a long and winding road in our journey to where we are today: one of the most trusted names in the fencing industry of Springfield. We owe our success to the faith of the clients we have served, our dedication to the service, and our talented, experienced, and devoted employees, crew, and team members who have helped us deliver our tasks for all these years.

Ever since our establishment as a small-time fence company in Springfield in the early 1990’s, our focus has been on our commitment to customer care and satisfaction. Your fence would be on your property for many years to come. Therefore, it is very important that you are happy with it. Moreover, your fence says a lot about you as a property owner. When it comes to having fences installed, it is important that you never compromise. The Springfield Fence Company gets the materials we use for our fences from the most trustworthy manufacturers around to make sure that all the things we will use for your fence is tiptop quality.

We have been in the fencing scene since the year 1994. This means that we have nearing three decades of experience under our belt. The experience we have accumulated throughout the years has been the basis of how we are able to further improve our services, methods, and techniques in our area of service. Feedback from clients and property owners has been most helpful to us. This has provided us room for betterment which help us serve the next clients that we have even more efficiently.

Every fence contractor in Springfield renders services that are beyond the fence installation process itself. In our line of service, there are a lot of administrative tasks involved. Part of the reason for this is that fence projects require local government permits before they can proceed. Thankfully, we a have a staff of professionals who work efficiently to take care of these things. Aside from filing permits for our clients, they also seamlessly handle communication, scheduling, and estimation services in a very detail-oriented manner.

Our team of expert crew, on the other hand, is the heart, soul, and hands of our company. Their talent and experience are great contributions for our continuing success. They are trained and experienced in this line of work, and they can make sure that even the tiniest mistakes that can be made are avoided as much as possible. Our crew has installed countless fences to perfection and to the satisfaction of our clients.

The Springfield Fence Company has an excellent, well-studied protocol in fence installation for topnotch efficiency. We have a shining track record and we offer our services at fair and competitive prices.

For inquiries, call us at 217-262-9381.

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